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4 steps to charge the battery of bosch cordless power tool

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4 steps to charge the battery of bosch cordless power tool

Many families will buy cordless power tools, so they will also be equipped with cordless power tool batteries and cordless power tool chargers. Among them, the power tools of bosch are also very popular with consumers. As for how to charge the bosch battery simply and correctly, it only takes a few simple steps to charge the battery. In addition, Bosch also provides a variety of battery charger models for you to choose, so you can find the charger that best suits your needs.


To use the Bosch battery charger, first connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery indicated by the plus sign. Then connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery indicated by the minus sign.


Plug the charger into a socket close to the battery that requires maintenance.


Use the button on the device to set the intended mode to charge the battery.


Be aware that potentially dangerous sparks can be created by the charging connectors if the charger is plugged in before the cables are connected to the battery. By plugging in the charger after you connect the cables, you will avoid creating sparks around the discharged battery.

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As consumers demand more powerful cordless electric tools, Bosch's 18V series products are rarely welcomed. As a factory, we are often asked by customers how much voltage Bosch's 18V battery charger outputs? The answer is that the output voltage of Bosch 18V battery charger is 18V.

In order to avoid overcharging the battery and damaging the battery, we should follow the manufacturer's manual.

One of the ways to avoid overcharging is to ensure that the charger's knowledge light indicates that the battery is about to run out before charging. This means that you can only charge the charger when the indicator light on the charger changes from red to green.

If you charge it before it's empty, you risk overcharging and damaging it.

So, you have it! This is the output voltage of Bosch 18v battery charger. Be careful when using this charger, and charge it only when instructed by the battery charger.

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