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5 tips for keeping dewalt batteries working in cold weather

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5 tips for keeping dewalt batteries working in cold weather

Many users who have bought dewalt cordless electric tools should encounter that in the extremely cold winter, Dewei's lithium-ion batteries refuse to charge or their performance will be worse than when the temperature is appropriate.

Then why does Dewei exchange lithium ion battery strike or have poor performance when the temperature is extremely low? Next, we will explore the reason and give solutions.

As we all know, the batteries of dewalt electric tools have two basic purposes: to store energy and to release energy. Therefore, we charge them and insert them into the tools. We hope they release the stored energy to provide power for the motor of the tools. However, temperature plays an important role in whether the battery can achieve its function.

If the temperature in the battery is too high, the lithium-ion battery will be damaged, unable to maintain sufficient power, and basically make you unable to charge.

However, as many of you have experienced in the cold wave, the battery either cannot be charged normally or cannot work in extremely cold temperatures! This is a problem, especially for alkaline batteries, but cold weather will also damage lithium ion batteries.

For example, you may find that when you use lithium ion power tools in cold days, it is difficult to charge them, and the charger may even refuse to charge them!

For example, you may find that when you’ve been working with your lithium-ion powered tools on a freezing cold day, you struggle to get them to charge, and the charger may even refuse to charge them!

In winter, what measures should you take to ensure that your dewalt lithium ion battery can be in the best condition.

I hope the next 5 suggestions will be helpful to you.

1. Batteries generate heat internally when they’re put to use. So, one quick and easy tip to make sure the battery is warm enough to accept a charge is to pop it in your drill and spin the chuck. A little bit of use will generate heat within the battery, taking it to within the safe charging threshold.

2.  Keep them in your pockets. When you’re working outside in the cold, slip the battery off the tool and pop it into your back pocket between applications. Your body heat will help keep the cells warm enough, preventing the colder air temperature from putting them to sleep.

3. Don’t leave them in the van overnight. Invest in an inexpensive tote bag and load your batteries into it at the end of the day. Bring the tote into your home overnight, preventing the packs from experiencing a chilly night in the van!

4.  Use gel hand warmers. These are really inexpensive, so buy a load of them and drop one in each tool case (activating the gel first) when you get in the van. The warmth from the hand warmer will keep the inside of the tool case nice on toasty when you’re working on freezing cold job sites. Simply “recharge” the hand warmers at night, and repeat the following day.

5. Use the correct battery. Yes, a qualified battery not only determines the service life and use of the battery, but also has a certain impact on the life of your cordless electric tools.

If conditions permit, we can use the original battery is the best, but the price of the original battery is not very beautiful.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right and trustworthy battery exchange factory, as well as inventory! The more batteries you have, the less cold weather will affect you. Just follow the steps above to ensure that all batteries can be used in cold weather.

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of replacement batteries for electric tools, such as Dewal, Bosch, Makita and Ryobi. If you are interested in our factory, you are welcome to leave a message to us through your convenient contact way, and we will serve you wholeheartedly. thank you!

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