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Advantages of ceramic heaters

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Advantages of ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters, one of the latest entrant in the space heater market, have many advantages. Read on to know more about the advantages of this device.

With the ever escalating prices of oil and gas, more and more people are searching for cheaper options for heating purposes. So, space heaters are fast gaining momentum, as they facilitate heating confined spaces, like rooms, instead of heating the whole house. There are various types and brands of space heaters, like the fuel burning ones, electric radiant, electric oil filled, and electric fan forced. One of the latest entrants in this domain is the ceramic heater, which uses a ceramic disc for heating purposes.


It is a type of electric portable heater, which uses ceramic heating coils. Most of these heaters possess ceramic plates with aluminum baffles, that control the flow of heat. The ceramic plate gets heated, as electricity passes through it and the heat is absorbed by the aluminum baffles. This heat is radiated into the room.


In case of models with fan, the fan blows the hot air into the room. Being a space heater in itself is an advantage of ceramic heater, as compared to conventional methods of heating. However, ceramic one is advantageous in many ways, as compared to other types of energy-efficient space heaters.


Like most of the space heaters, ceramic heaters are also portable. In fact, most of them are compact space heaters. It can be easily shifted from one room to another. All you need is a space of two-foot radius (around the heater) for ventilation purposes.

Another advantage of this device is that it can be used for larger areas and are more efficient than radiant heaters in this task. If you want to use a ceramic heater for a larger area, then you have to opt for models with fan. Models without fan are more appropriate for small areas.

Advantages of ceramic heaters include their safety features too. It has been observed that the overall temperature of the equipment as well as its hottest part is very low, as compared to other space heaters. Most of the models have in-built mechanisms to reduce the flow of electric charge as the temperature hits 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature considerably reduces the risk of fire.

The cost of use of this heater is much lower than other conventional home heating systems, as you have to use it for small areas, as compared to central heating. It is also claimed by the manufacturers that these heaters do not use much electricity, as compared to other types. They heat up quickly and so, are considered as more energy-efficient. It has also been suggested by energy experts that the efficiency of ceramic heaters can be further enhanced by properly insulating the house.

Most of these heaters come up with many built-in safety features like timer, touch sensor, overheat sensor, thermostat, manual heat adjustment, fan speed adjustment, digital display and remote control, making it more advantageous.

However, like any other product or equipment, these heaters too have its own disadvantages. It can also happen that it can be advantageous as per the personal need, which may vary from one person to another. Hence, it is always better to explore all the available options and your needs, before zeroing in on a particular product.

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