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Our Mission
Create electronic products and return to the society sincerely

With the goal of building a world-class enterprise, Youyi Company is committed to unswervingly taking the road of scientific innovation and development, constantly innovating corporate management, improving product quality, increasing the research and development of new products, and producing high-quality, high-tech electronic products that are in demand by the society. Make every effort to build a fine project of national electronic brand, and create an environmentally friendly, high-quality social wealth.
Repaying the society sincerely is the best interpretation of the company's active fulfillment of social responsibility and the high-level value of "creating electronic products". While realizing benefits, UYU insists on sharing development results with society, strives to pursue harmony and unity with social development, continuously promotes social and economic development and progress, and repays and contributes to society with excellent performance.

corporate vision
Build a world-class electronics company with green ecology and sustainable development

As one of the companies with a sense of social responsibility, in the course of years of development, UYU has always taken the development of reusable and environmentally friendly products as its goal, actively eliminated outdated production capacity, and introduced high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly international first-class high-end production lines to promote the company Upgrade. At the same time, with high-standard, high-quality environmental protection facilities as the benchmark, vigorously develop the concept of reusable environmental protection products and the development of a circular economy.
Youyi insists on creating wealth for the society while keeping a blue sky and clear water for future generations. It realizes the coordinated development of the enterprise with the environment and resources, insists on taking the road of sustainable economic development, creates environmentally friendly products, and achieves harmony between man and nature. Coexist, win the support and concern of the society, and create favorable conditions for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

Enterprise spirit
Learn to surpass and lead

Learning, that is, employees must continue to accumulate knowledge and experience through hard work and practice, always update their knowledge, skills and concepts, and constantly review their past cultural structure to establish a new and higher cultural structure , Self-improvement and promotion from self-awareness.
Transcendence means that employees continue to improve from daily learning and achieve a qualitative leap. Specifically, it is to re-understand oneself, challenge oneself, and then overcome oneself, surpass oneself, and finally surpass others and lead to success. Transcendence is a kind of supreme state, and it is also an improvement process in which employees constantly deny and perfect themselves in the learning process. In fact, it is a kind of innovative spirit.
Leading means that in the process of continuous learning and innovation of employees, individuals and groups continue to move from disadvantages to advantages, and obtain qualitative sublimation from advantages, so as to always surpass others and take the lead in common progress.

core values ??of the company
Honesty-based, win-win and sharing

Honesty means loyalty and credibility, which is the foundation of an enterprise and the foundation of its development. The company adheres to integrity as the cornerstone of development, builds the company's golden sign with integrity, puts brand reputation in the first place in operation, and upholds the principle of customer first and quality first, continuously improves product quality and provides high-quality services, and seeks to establish a trust and harmony Social relations, establish a good corporate image.
With a high sense of social responsibility, employees devote themselves to the revitalization of the national electronics industry, participate in market competition, seek development space, and realize resource sharing with customers, employees, and society, mutual benefit, and common progress and common development. Achieve a win-win strategy of environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.

Corporate policy

Today, new materials play a decisive role in industrial progress. Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality electronic products, backed by high-quality services. Our mission statement describes our corporate culture and methods to achieve our goals.

Career Development
Dongguan Youyi is a world-leading charger manufacturer with 7 business branches. We have 6 overseas business divisions around the world, and the total number of employees is about 368. If you want to become one of us, please contact our human resources department.