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 Power Inverter for Bosch 18V Lithium Battery Power Supply Inverter Convert Bosch DC To AC 110V 120v Battery Inverter

Brand Name:youyi
Model Number:UIN01-BOS
product name: Inverter for bosch
Compatible with:bosch 18V battery
Type:Power Inverter
Usage:Power Inverter 18V DC to AC110V 120V Converter
rotection:Short Circuit Protection, Other, Low Tension, Over-chargin
Private Mold:NO
Function:PD 3.0

  • UIN01-BOS
  • youyi

Applicable Scene: 

You can use our product for these purposes as following:

supplying electrical power for operating compatible small electronics, such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, radios, small fans and led lights etc.Not Applicable:

It's not compatible with air-conditioners, power tools, compressors and other largerelectrical devices.


The white button is also the battery indicator.

·Green indicator:Normal electricity.

·Red indicator:Electricity will be exhausted.


1. Insert bosch 18V battery into the powersupply correctly.

2. Press White button for 0.5s to turn on thepower supply, then you can use USB and110V AC output port for devices' charging.

3.The Red button is light control andthere're 2 levels of brightness.

4. When finished, turn off the power supply,disconnect your devices and remove batterypack.

Note: The maximum power of the battery power inverter is 150W, so please make sure that the power of the electrical appliances used should be less than the ratedpower of the inverter 150W.

Safety protection: there are short circuit protection, over current protection, under voltage protection, low power consumption.

【LED Work Light】: Equipped with 200 lumen LED work light (press the white on/off button first, then the red indicator button).Perfect for electrical maintenance, emergency lights and outdoor camping lighting, just one portable power inverter station, 18volt battery, can be used for camping, hiking, traveling, etc.

Bosch inverter

battery inverter for Bosch 18V

Bosch 18V Battery Inverter

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