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15w Portable Solar System,

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Specification Of Portable Solar System

Charge source

Solar panel:15W/18V monocrystalline solar panel cable :5meters

output:DC 16V/800mA

Output voltage

DC outputs:1pcs DC12V out put,1pcs car cigarette lighter output,1pcs 5V USB output,maximum current output:1A,1pcs  AC 220 150W output

Built-in battery

2sets 6V/12AH maintenance free lead acid battery

Charge time

Solar panel:15W/18V,Specific charge time depends on the intensity of the sunshine.

Discharge time

Depends on the power of the device

rated charge current


Rated discharge current


System voltage


Offload consumption


Over voltage protection


Lift charge voltage


Under- voltage voltage


over-discharge voltage


temperature compensation

-4.0mv/0C/2V(lift charge、direct charge,float charge,charge voltage recover compensation)

control ways

Charge;PWM(pulse width modulation)

work temperature

-350C to +650C

overload short circuit protection

1.25 times rated current     30 seconds overload protection

1.5 times rated current       5 seconds over-load protection;

≥3 times rated current     short circuit protection

Protect circuit

Overcharge,over discharge,over load,short circuit protection

All protection do no harm to any parts,do not burn fuse.Fuse serves as final protection.

Solar panel ,battery reverse polarity protection

Panelcharge extensibility

The system can be charged more rapidly by increasing the solar panel size such as 30W/18V or 40W/18V but not exceeding 90W/18V.