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Ryobi Power Battery Inverter Charger 18V 150 Watt for Lithium Battery ABP1801 ABP1803 BPP-1813 BPP-1815

product name: Inverter for ryobi
Compatible with: ryobi 18V battery
USB output:5V/2.4A
AC output:120V/1.25A
Usage:Power Inverter 18V DC to AC110V 120V Converter
rotection:Short Circuit Protection, Other, Low Tension, Over-chargin
  • UIN01-RYO
  • youyi

 Ryobi Battery Inverter

 ryobi inverter charger

Power Inverter Ryobi

Outdoor DC to AC Portable Power Supply Inverter for Ryobi tool battery,Ryobi 150 Watt Powered Inverter Generator,18V DC to AC 110V/120V,as Portable Power Source,for Ryobi 18 Volt lithium Battery USB Charger Adapter,for Ryobi Power Station with LED Light.

●【Inverter Compatible】Suitable for Ryobi 18V lithium battery(P102 P103 P104 P105 P107 P108 P109 P190 P122 ect) and 18V Ni-Mh battery(P100 P101 ABP1801 ABP1803 BPP1820 ect) , turning for Ryobi battery into a small generator.

●【LED Lights and USB】This inverter comes with 2 USB ports and a 200 lumens LED light, you can charge your mobile phone in emergency, as well as emergency lighting for power failure, or outdoor camping lighting, etc.

●【18 V to 120 V DC output port】The output voltage of this small generator adapter is 110V(12V), 150W, compatible with varies of electronics, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, radios, small fans and led lights etc.DC to AC charger.Replace car power inverter.

●【Safety and security】 This battery inverter is equipped with a small fan and a fuse to increase the heat dissipation function to prevent high temperature and short circuit conditions when the inverter is working. The flashing red light is a low battery reminder.

●【Package list and after-sales】1* battery inverter ( battery sold separately and power cord) 30 days no reason to return, 180 days warranty, feel free to contact us.

●【safety warning】Do not expose to rain;Do not use if the power supply or battery pack is damaged in any way; Do not overload the power supply capacity, exceeding the wattage/amp capacity may damage the power supply and connected equipment; Do not use this power source for emergency medical equipment or life support equipment; · Do not exceed the rated load of the power supply.Failure to do so could result in overheating, fire, electric shock or injury.

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                               :Outdoor DC to AC Portable Power Supply Inverter For Ryobis Tool Battery

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