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Which of the following four batteries is better for power tool batteries

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Which of the following four batteries is better for power tool batteries

Our guest in Qiyu County, Japan, Mr. Nakamura, is engaged in DIY business. Recently, he needs to buy a batch of replacement batteries of makita 18V and makita 40V. So let's introduce which kind of electric tools with electric cells can be used to replace batteries with high cost performance and safety.

Next, let's popularize the commonly used 4 medium battery cells to facilitate our customers' judgment.

There are many kinds of lithium batteries for electric tools, so the price of lithium batteries for electric tools will vary greatly.

1. Power tool battery made of ordinary lithium ion battery

If power tool batteries are made of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, they must meet the performance of high-speed discharge to meet the working requirements of power tools. However, due to the limitation of cost and materials, ordinary lithium ion batteries cannot perform high rate discharge performance. Therefore, when people buy cheaper lithium electric tool batteries in the market, they usually feel that they are fully charged and can start to use. However, after a while, it was clear that the power of the electric tools had obviously weakened, softened and lacked power. At the same time, ordinary lithium-ion batteries have general high-temperature resistance, so their service life is relatively short.

Relevant knowledge:

Features of Makita 40Vmax BL4040 series


2. Electric tool battery made of nickel hydrogen battery

The energy density of the nickel metal hydride battery as the battery of electric tools is not as high as that of the lithium battery. Therefore, in the same battery pack space, the capacity of the nickel metal hydride battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery, but the consistency of the nickel metal hydride battery is higher than that of the lithium battery. Therefore, the safety performance of NiMH battery pack is superior to that of lithium battery pack. At the same time, nickel hydrogen battery can achieve more than 15% discharge capacity, which can fully meet the requirements of the working characteristics of electric tools. Of course, NiMH batteries are heavier than lithium batteries, but they are cheaper than lithium batteries and more competitive in terms of manufacturing cost and market price.

In addition, the low temperature performance of NiMH battery is much worse than that of low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery and low temperature lithium polymer battery. Therefore, nickel metal hydride batteries are generally not suitable for power tool batteries in low-temperature areas.

3. Power tool battery made of lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery has certain advantages as the battery of electric tools. Its high temperature resistance performance is better than other lithium batteries. At the same time, the discharge performance above 30C can be achieved. The effect is ideal under normal temperature and wide temperature environment. Compared with nickel hydrogen battery, its low-temperature performance and energy density are better, and its service life is longer than nickel hydrogen battery. NiMH battery has memory effect, but lithium iron phosphate battery does not. At present, the technology of lithium iron phosphate battery has some shortcomings compared with nickel hydrogen battery, the battery consistency is relatively poor, and the safety of battery pack is slightly worse than that of nickel hydrogen battery.

4. Lithium polymer battery for electric tools

In the battery of electric tools, lithium polymer should be the most expensive. Lithium polymer not only has higher energy density, but also has the best performance in achieving ultra-high rate discharge. Lithium polymer is expensive because it uses some rare materials with high energy density, and its production and manufacturing technology requirements are relatively high. Its disadvantage is that its internal high-temperature performance is slightly worse than that of iron phosphate battery, similar to nickel hydrogen battery. The above is an introduction to the battery types of electric tools. I believe that by comparing their advantages and disadvantages, everyone should have a preliminary understanding of which battery is more suitable for power tool batteries.

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